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Johnson Premium Hardwood Floors

Johnson Premium Hardwood Flooring is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of hardwood flooring with distribution in Canada and United States. They produce high fashion and high-demand flooring options by sourcing durable hardwood species from around the globe. Johnson’s products are very affordability and top quality. Plus, they offer the highest standards of maintenance free floors in the industry being CARB II and Lacey Act compliant. Each board is precision milled and hand stained and hand crafted to produce an excellent hardwood floors. Johnson Hardwood floors are manufactured with the greatest care and backed by a warranty that assures complete satisfaction.

Carnival Solid: Samoan Mahogany series is for those who are looking for exotic solid hardwood. Unique grain patterns, 3-5/8 inch wide planks, and smooth finish with lush brown stain will make you feel like you are walking across a luxury yacht


English Pub: English Pub is a hand stained, hand scraped 7-1/2 inch wide by 7 foot long planks will add a broad and continuous plank pattern for a bold room.

Johnson English Pub Maple Stout

ForeverTuff: ForeverTuff finish at 4-3/4" width creates an exquisite design pattern while being a durable floor.

Lexington: Lexington Oak series is hand scraped, hand sculpted, and completely hand crafted to give this floor a true and raw look while finished with stain highlights. This is really an exceptional floor that must be seen in person to get the real effect.

Texas: Oak & Maple hand scraped with semi-gloss finish will compliment a variety of interior fashions.

Tuscan: Tuscan series Hickory & Walnut are one of our most popular products in the Johnson Premium Hardwood line. The elongated wavy hickory grains are hand scraped finish that adds to the character of the multi-width Hickcory and Walnut planks and  is engineered for stability and versatility making it adaptable for greater variety of climates than solid hardwood flooring. The mix of three plank widths allows an interesting mixed flooring patterns.

Victorian: Victorian Maple & Hickory series are hand scraped and comes in different stains with planks measuring 5-inches in width and 3/8 inch thick.

Johnson Premium Hardwood flooring manufacturing process starts by sourcing right wood species with different grain patterns that flooring customers wanting. Color and wood specie trends are researched by our product development team to create good looking premium flooring options for our customers. From contemporary to traditional and dark wood to natural colors, they keep their customer’s interior design needs in mind by providing a variety of flooring colors and design.


Johnson Hardwood searches durable woods and responsibly harvested trees. Harvested wood is cut into planks and hand carved for a custom floor look. Wood boards are then stained to ensure even coloring while allowing the natural wood color and grain variation to come through. The finished product has a   custom hardwood floor look while at an affordable price. Johnson Hardwood adheres to anti-dumping and sustainable tree harvesting practices while preserving forest ecosystems.

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