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Hardwood and Wood Floors by Anderson

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Antique Walk 

Bear Canyon Winding creeks, rivers and rolling mountain foothills.  These are the images that inspired the subtly-sculpted texture of this rich exotic species.

Brevard All the elements that make up a durable, luxurious and sophisticated floor for tomorrow have gone into this colleciton.  Combining enCoreTM - a truly environmentally friendly center that is harder and uses 50% less timber to produce, a Luster Lock finish that's up to six times more resistant to abrasions and scuffs, this collection is an easy choice for the value-conscious homeowner.

Bryson II4S Plank Offering a 4-sided micro bevel edge which allows for easier installation, this traditional solid oak flooring has all of the same qualities of hte original BrysonTM Collection.  

Bryson II4S Strip Traditonal solid oak flooring which has all of the same qualities of the original BrysonTM Collection, the Bryson Plan II4STM includes a 4-sided micro bevel edge, allowing for easier installation, giving each individual plank a more defined look.

Casitablanca Masterfully crafted by skilled hands, each board is a work of art.  No two are identical!  Continuing in the master's art of finding beauty in this exotic species, our craftsmen bring to light the beauty of this wood in the most intimate way possible - by hand.

Chestnut Hill This collection evokes the charm and rustic appeal of quintessential historic design. This inspired hand-scraped engineered hardwood floor offers timeless style that merges design elements of a nostalgic past with modern appeal for the homeowners future.

Cimarron This rugged 3/4" solid floor offers intricate grains and textures that can only be found in hardwood floors that have been hand-crafted.  Burnished patinas, deep colors and bold lines give this collection a look and feel all its own.

Dellamano Italian for "of the hand", this collection is one of our most distinctive hand-crafted floors.  With extra wide planks of 6 1/4", these hand-scraped and hand-sanded floors have an elegant and unique appearance.  Square edges and beveled sides create the illusion of boards that run the length of your room.

Eagle Lodge This unique collection of richly textured wood bears the beautiful, chiselled evidence of the skilled hands that carved it.  The individually hand-scraped, engineered plans make this collection an inspriation to your home.

Elements Rich colors and warm tones make the unique textures of Elements stand out.  Subtle scraping and gentle wire brushing bring out the highlights of this solid Pine flooring.  This full color line includes a rich red, deep aged brown, and a warm golden tone.

Gnarly Plank Perhaps the best look and value in hardwood flooring.  Gnarly PlankTM is an authentic, beautifully distressed, antiqued oak floor created in random widths that brings the look of Historic Homes of America.

Haversham Surround yourself with warm colors and a palette of soft pastels that invites creativity.  This sophisticated collection is a canvas for your most cherished belongings... family and friends.

Hermosa Plank Indulge your home with warmth and artistry.  This inspired collection includes a palatte of soft pastels which invites creativity and lends itself to a spectrum of home decor. This sophisticated collection is a canvas for your most cherished belongings... family and friends.

Hickory Forge No two planks are alike in this handmade collection.  Hickory ForgeTM is available at a value price that opens up a whole new market for handcrafted hardwood floors.

Lincoln Plank This American classic brings back a traditional oak plank floor with modern colors and a medium, easy to care for satin gloss chosen to be a tasteful setting for any lifestyle or decor.

Lone Star Imagine the romance and adventure of the pioneers that shaped this beautiful and diverse landscape.  From the prairies to the deserts, forests and grasslands, the unique craftsmanship and random widths of Lone StarTM captures this rustic Southwestern beauty perfectly.

Monroe Beautiful to live with and built to last, everything your imagination promised comes true with this valuepacked, real oak hardwood floor.

Mountain The Mountain collection represents hickory's natural beauty and character through knot holes, complex grain patterns and mineral streaks.  Available in a variety of widths and colors, the Mountain Series continues to be a top seller.

Rideau Plank Brining a new level of charm and sophistication to a hardwood collection with an easy-to-care-for finish and rich colors, Rideau PlankTM will add beauty and warmth to the home of your dreams.

Rushmore Beautiful to live with and built to last, everything your imagination promised comes true with this value-packed, real oak hardwood floor.

Southern Vista Imagine rolling mountain foothills, gently swaying ocean, and sloping dunes of sand.  These Southern VistaTM images are the inspiration for the subtly-sculpted texture of this exotic species.

Urban Loft The delicately textured surface of the Urban Loft Collection actually feels soft to the touch, producing a look that's subtle, artistic and inviting in both comtemporary or traditional interiors.

Urban Pioneer The uniquely-crafted, rolling texture of the Urban PioneerTM collection ensures that each board is a work of art. No two are identical!  The subtly-sculpted texture adds character while at the same time satisfies your need for sophistication.  Economical, beautiful, and long lasting, Urban PioneerTM is a definite value for today's homeowner.