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How I Chose My Floor (As A Flooring Specialist)

Hello visitors! This is my story on how I chose my floor for my home as a flooring specialist.

My name is Ashley and I have been working in the flooring industry for over 7 years. I came into this industry at the entry of the luxury vinyl plank flooring boom. We here at Nice Floors were very early adopters in the belief of the waterproof luxury vinyl plank, particularly COREtec, and knew it would change the industry. 

Through the years I have discussed various flooring applications with customers from solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, WPC luxury vinyl plank, SPC luxury vinyl plank, carpet tiles, carpet rolls, and some other new types of products that just didn't really take off. Whenever someone came to me discussing their desire for a low maintenance floor, waterproof, scratch resistant, particulary mentioning Kids and Pets, I would say "You need Luxury Vinyl Plank!"

Flash forward to the last couple of years. As you can imagine, I see hundreds of styles of flooring almost every day and month and I am constantly "Shopping". I've been looking at engineered wood, engineered wood, engineered wood most of the time to install into my main living areas. But as I've continued to discuss best applications of flooring with customers every day, particularly those with small children (my boys are 2 and 4) and dogs (I have a basset hound) and like low maintenance living (less is more!) I finally thought, what am I doing?? I need Luxury Vinyl Plank!

Now my home style is very "Chip and Jo", black and white, farmhouse but not like cows and chickens everywhere. I like rustic and shabby chic furniture and finishings, but I did not want a super distressed or scratched up floor. (I like to change out the furnishings around the staples of the home to adapt my style.) I wanted a more traditional color which was surprisingly hard to find! (I've talked to all of our manufacturers about this. I expect more options to come soon). After going back and forth to try and decide brand, style and color, I settled on this: Pergo Extreme Cinnamon Brulee

Pergo Extreme Cinnamon Brulee

It's 10" wide boards so there is a little bit of "flair" there that is different from a completely traditional look, and the boards are 6' long. It impressed me with its durability from the videos and demos we've seen. I also laid out several boards in my living area and my kids were abusive to it- with boys everything is a sword, and every surface a chopping block, and there was not a single sign it had been touched. This is an SPC or Rigid Core flooring so it is less "dentable" then WPC viny plank. With any floor I know we have to live in the real world and scratches do happen even on scratch resistant floors- but this showed me it meant business!

We are going to go through the process in phases. We are first going to tear out the entire upstairs of carpet (3 bedrooms and a hallway) because of my kids' allergies. We plan to do the main living areas (along with a kitchen remodel) next spring and summer. We are excited about the transformation our home is about to make and I am so excited about how this is going to look! Follow along as we tear out the carpet, lay down the floor and live on it!


Stay tuned!

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring- Is It A Good Choice?

Ask anyone in the flooring industry, "What is the hottest flooring product right now?" and anyone will tell you. Waterproof Luxury Vinyl.

VINYL??? You might say. YES. Vinyl.

About two years ago, US Floors stormed onto the scene with their premium waterproof vinyl product, COREtec Plus. This floor hit the market and hasn't stopped since. Its patented waterproof technology, easy locking system, and realistic wood and tile patterns make it a wonderful option for anyone with high traffic areas or tough-on-floor situations (kids and pets). Our customers have loved this in their beach houses, lake houses, basements, cabin homes, kitchens, bathrooms, hotels, offices, and retail stores. It's really a winner for all kinds of circumstances. The waterproof vinyl floor gives durability with style. Anyone who has experienced a broken dishwasher, flooded basement, or leaky toilet know how valuable a waterproof option can be!


US Floors COREtec Plus-$$-$$$

As I mentioned, COREtec Plus lead the way in this category. It's got an attached cork underlayment which gives it warmth and cushion and you can combine steps in that you don't need another underlayment down like you would on some other vinyl products. The wide range of colors are in 5", 7" and the XL 9" planks. Soon to be COREtec HD and COREtec Design lines are highly anticipated with even thicker vinyl layer and more realistic patterns.

Pictured here: COREtec Plus 5" Carolina Pine 50LVP501. Growing in popularity due to its warm rustic feel that goes with all kinds of decor styles.

Bliss COREtec One- $$

In the past year and a half, a new line of COREtec called COREtec ONe was introduced by Beaulieu Bliss and US Floors. This product is also waterproof, but does not come with any attached underlayment and is 6" wide and about 5.5mm thick. It has the same waterproof core as COREtec Plus, just without the cork. It's a great option that's more affordable than the Plus and you can choose your underlayment thickness and type.

Pictured here: Bliss COREtec One 6" Hatteras CT101-955. The distressed look makes it great in lots of spaces and the gray makes it very neutral.

Aqualok- $$

Aqualok is a relatively new product that is slightly slimmer at 7mm than others but is great like the COREtec one because you can put your own favorite underlayment beneath it. It's at a great price point and has several great colors. The most popular is the French Oak. They show great character in the planks despite still being vinyl. We think this product can really take off in the WPF world.

Pictured here: Aqualok 7" French Oak- AQA1208. While grays are big right now, this floor is great for it's neutral oak coloring but distressed look.

Hydra-Shield by Vallaria- $$

This brand has some very unique patterns and does not have an attached underlayment so you can choose any pad that works best for you. It's 6.3mm thick and has a very realistic depiction of wood across all of it's pattrens. All of their patterns are very rustic and "homey" feeling. While it's not as thick as COREtec Plus or Aqualok, it makes up for in aesthetics and is still very durable.

Pictured here: Hydra-Shield Tuscan Lucca 7" wide WP709LC. Distressed with white marks really makes for a durable looking floor.

Home Legend Syncore X/ Eagle Creek Syncore X- $$

One of the most popular lines we have is Syncore X. It's 6mm thick with 1.5mm attached foam underlayment pad. It's at a great price point, is easy to install and has some great patterns. This is definitely a great product to consider for basements, rental properties, and beach homes.

Pictured here: Home Legend Syncore X Windsong Oak- 7" DV750. Rustic grays and browns make this a really great neutral floor.

So to get back to the main question- Waterproof Vinyl Flooring- Good Choice? We say YES! There are so many circumstances that make this a great option. Kids, pets, beach homes, lake homes, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. While they aren't indestructible, they are definitely going to give you a nice look at an affordable price point without the stress and cost of hardwood floors. Hardwood will always be #1 in our hearts, but don't shy away from vinyl. See the value in the waterproof vinyl floor.

For more options be sure to check out the entire category here or call us at 1-888-633-6506 or email