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Flooring Spotlight: Artisan (Bausen) Hardwood

Artisan Hardwood Floors

Who is Artisan Hardwood (Formerly Bausen)?

Artisan Hardwood (formerly Bausen), makes pre-finished hardwood floors from durable, high-quality wood species at an affordable price. The company’s mission is to: “Help [its] customers make their spaces more beautiful, and to inspire modern architecture and design. [Artisan] believe[s] luxury can be achieved at non-luxury pricing.”

Artisan Hardwood is committed to environment-conscious manufacturing so you can be sure the floors you bring into your home are earth friendly. With its “Green Standard,” Artisan “constantly updates [its] processes in order to stay on the forefront of sustainable technology, quality assurance, and compliance.”

So how much can you expect to pay for Artisan Hardwood floors? The average price range is around $3-$5/sf. At the lower end of this price range you will find birch and hickory products from the Canyon Ranch Collection, while at the higher end you will find the Maple Legacy and English Forest collections.


Our Most Popular Collections from Artisan Hardwood

Canyon Ranch Collection by Artisan

“Rustic modernism. A masterful rendition of heirloom quality and classic craftsmanship, reinterpreted with a modern outlook. Our iconic collection of engineered hardwoods evokes century old traditions from a world away. Ultimate in comfort, enduring in strength, meticulously crafted to showcase the heavily distressed character.”

Artisan Canyon Ranch Birch Spice CBH5S Artisan Canyon Ranch Hickory Sorghum CHK5SG

From Left to Right: Canyon Ranch Birch Spice and Canyon Ranch Hickory Sorghum

Features of Artisan Hardwood Canyon Ranch Collection

  • Construction: Engineered
  • Species: Acacia, Birch, and Hickory
  • Texture: Handscraped
  • Plank Width: 5”
  • Finish: 12 UV coatings (2 of Aluminum oxide; 8 of Polyurethane; 2 of scratch resistant)

Why We Love Artisan Hardwood Canyon Ranch Floors

This collection has a wonderful traditional color palette that is highly versatile with a wide range of interior designs. The stunning wood grains of the acacia, birch, and hickory species make an expressive statement.


English Forest Collection by Artisan

“Bring the timeless rustic elegance of English Forest into your space. The open-grained wood exudes a warmth and texture, accentuated by the 7 ½” luxury width that provides a subtle yet unmatched presence.”

Artisan English Forest Glenmore ew07g Artisan English Forest Frost EWO7F

From Left to Right: English Forest Glenmore and English Forest Frost

Features of Artisan Hardwood English Forest Collection

  • Construction: Engineered
  • Species: European Oak
  • Texture: Wire-brushed
  • Plank Width: 7.5”
  • Finish: UV cured urethane

Why We Love Artisan English Forest Floors

The range of hues in this collection combined with the worn, wire-brushed texture makes these floors the perfect choice for those seeking to create a cottage or farmhouse feel in their home! From rich brown to soft grey to frosty tan, these colors speak to today’s trends while maintaining a timeless appeal.


Timberline Collection by Artisan

“Bold beauty. Pure indulgence. These words come to mind when savoring our bespoke Timberline Collection of engineered hardwoods. Superbly stylish and indelibly imaginative, the selections are vivid in texture and generous in proportions, offering clean, contemporary, yet sophisticated appeal.”

 Artisan Timberline Birch Latte TBH6L Artisan Timberline Hickory Natural THK6N

From Left to Right: Timberline Birch Latte and Timberline Hickory Natural

Features of Artisan Hardwood Timberline Collection

  • Construction: Engineered
  • Species: Acacia, Birch, and Hickory
  • Texture: Handscraped
  • Plank Width: 6” and 6.5”
  • Finish: 12 UV coatings (2 of Aluminum oxide; 8 of Polyurethane; 2 of scratch resistant)

Why We Love Artisan Hardwood Timberline Floors

The handscraped planks provide wonderful texture perfect for creating a casual, welcoming environment. When this vintage-style texture is paired with contemporary décor, it creates a lovely contrast and a perfect balance of traditional and modern!


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