Vallaria Hardwood Floors is an exciting assortment of flooring styles developed for those who want fabulous, quality flooring that adds extraordinary style to their homes. We don't compromise when it comes to the flooring we offer-- and you don't have to compromise your dream floor when you choose Vallaria!

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VF-ATLANTA Vallaria Legacy Oak Atlanta- 5"

VFBAL132 Vallaria Brushed Hickory Balboa - 7-1/8"

VF-COLUMBUS Vallaria Legacy Oak Columbus- 5"

VFCON16 Vallaria Brushed Hickory Coronado - 7-1/8"

VFCOR130 Vallaria Brushed Hickory Cortes - 7-1/8"

VFDES134 Vallaria Brushed Hickory De Soto - 7-1/8"

VF-JEFFERSONVILLE Vallaria Legacy Oak Jeffersonville- 5"

VF-KNOXVILLE Vallaria Legacy Oak Knoxville- 5"

VF-MIAMI Vallaria Legacy Oak Miami- 5"

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