Bella Cera hardwoods are prepared in the old Italian tradition, from uncompromising source wood selection to the final floor finish. They are painstakingly hand-crafted, one board at a time, by trained hardwood floor artisans, yet still priced affordably enough for those who appreciate fine quality.

While cheap hardwood flooring from discounters and home improvement stores can seem "good enough", in reality cheap flooring is not a good value. Over time, you'll probably regret a decision to scimp on something as important to your home as flooring is. It simply pays to invest in fine hardwoods.

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Bella Cera Agrigento Hickory Dante 5" AHBO829

Bella Cera Agrigento Hickory Garibaldi 5" AHDK581

Bella Cera Agrigento Hickory Lacono 5" AHCT283

Bella Cera Agrigento Hickory Lavagne 5" AHJA276

Bella Cera Agrigento Hickory Montallegro 5" AHMT586N

Bella Cera Agrigento Hickory Ribera 5" AHRB579N

Bella Cera Amalfi Coast Hickory Maiori 4", 6", 8" ACMA386

Bella Cera Amalfi Coast Torgiano 4", 6", 8" ACTG945

Bella Cera Amalfi Coast Cherry- Fontana 4", 6", 8" ACFO584

Bella Cera Amalfi Coast Hickory Deruta 4", 6", 8" ACDE607

Bella Cera Amalfi Coast Hickory Fabro 4", 6", 8" ACFB952

Bella Cera Amalfi Coast Hickory Fornetto 4", 6", 8" ACFO553

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