Heartland Hardwood shows the natural beauty of wood in timeless reclaimed designs. It brings character and warmth to any style of home creating a welcoming atmosphere. Just like the Heartland.

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AG2F3-S24 Heartland Coventry Oak Weather Stone- 7"

AG2M6-S24 Heartland Coventry Oak Belfort- 7"

AG2N1-S24 Heartland Coventry Oak Montrose- 7"

AG2N5-S24 Heartland Coventry Oak Burton- 7"

AG2N9-S24 Heartland Coventry Oak Taupe- 7"

BJ2A7KFBR Heartland Weston Oak Windy City- 5"

BJ2F3KFBR Heartland Weston Oak Weathered Stone- 5"

BJ2H5KFBR Heartland Weston Oak Leathered- 5"

BJ2M6KFBR Heartland Weston Oak Belfort- 5"

BJ2N9KFBR Heartland Weston Oak Taupe- 5"

BM2M6FBRLS Heartland St. Laurent Oak Belfort- 7-1/2"

BM2M7FBRLS Heartland St. Laurent Oak Windsor- 7-1/2"

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