Johnson continues to be one of the leading companies in the exotic hardwood flooring industry. Since 1999, we have continued to bring in a variety of wood species from around the world. This allows us to offer a comprehensive collection of flooring products that will match any home and lifestyle. Moreover, we craft each species by defining its unique graining, dramatic characteristics and beautiful coloration. Read More

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Johnson Ale House Maple Barley Ale- 7-1/2" AME-AHM19004

Johnson Ale House Maple Copper Ale- 7-1/2" AME-AHM19003

Johnson Ale House Maple Doppelbock- 7-1/2" AME-AHM19006

Johnson Ale House Maple Hefeweizen- 7-1/2" AME-AHM19002

Johnson Ale House Maple Maibock- 7-1/2" AME-AHM19001

Johnson Ale House Maple Strawberry Blonde- 7-1/2" AME-AHM19005

Johnson Ale House Oak Belgian Wheat- 7-1/2" AME-AHO19007

Johnson Ale House Oak Blonde- 7-1/2" AME-AHO19009

Johnson Ale House Oak Dunkel- 7-1/2" AME-AHO19012

Johnson Ale House Oak Marzen- 7-1/2" AME-AHO19008

Johnson Ale House Oak Wheat Wine- 7-1/2" AME-AHO19011

Johnson Blue Ridge European Oak Bryson- 6" BRC15001OAK-JH

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